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Increase Your Conversions: Practical PPC Tips that Work

Increasing conversions is the goal of any Pay Per Click campaign, since ultimately conversions are synonymous with sales – the all-important ROI that keeps your business going. So naturally it’s enticing to read up on PPC advice and incorporate every good idea immediately. But while learning is great, PPC requires a more cautious strategy if it’s going to work for you.

Pay-per-click is highly regarded for the exceptional control it offers. You can efficiently target your exact audience and quickly learn what’s working or not. But in order to maximize your PPC budget, you need to formulate a plan too. A systematic approach based on incrementally adopting the best PPC strategy will also incrementally increase conversions.

PPC advice can apply to a significant number of factors.

Every aspect of your ads – the headline, description and URL to the keywords you select can make a drastic difference in conversion rates. Keywords themselves are flooded with variables, from match types to the effects of negative keywords.

Your landing pages must be on target and perfectly matched to your ads, so customers see exactly what they want when they click on your ad. The colors you choose, the size and placement of text or graphics, your call to action and even how you word it can make the sale or cause the customers to bounce.   You must consider tactical details that affect ad placement and bidding strategy. Should you focus on cost-per-click or total ad spend? Which times of day or days of the week are best for conversions? Which devices are customers using most? Which bid modifiers should I use?

Because there are so many PPC variables, you can’t expect your campaigns to perform at optimum levels right from the start. Also, if you make a lot of changes at once you never know which changes worked for you and which failed. Even the metrics you use to make those decisions can’t be addressed all at once. You’ll get the best results if you pick one variable at a time to work on.

A/B testing is key.

Changing only one PPC variable at a time is the only way to clearly analyze results. That’s true whether you’re working to improve your ad copy, your landing pages, your placement or bidding strategy. Small changes are easiest and fastest to apply or delete if they aren’t working. Tweaking your campaigns one variable at a time enables you to build slowly so you can maintain control as you grow.

PPC is all about continuous improvement.

Since you know that making the right changes to your campaigns produce greater conversions, you’ll want to carefully analyze the return on your ad spend as you make those changes. Understanding how changes affect your overall cost per conversion will help you set priorities to make the best PPC decisions and generate those ever-increasing profits.

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