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Meet Your Consultant: Brian Higby

What is Nolocade all about?

Nolocade is a consulting company built from a team of domain experts and creators. We love to challenge business models, solve problems, and continually improve ourselves. One of our company motto’s is “If you’re not improving yourself or learning something new, you’re not at work today.” We believe every endeavor we take gives us opportunity to explore new and exciting tools and techniques of our trades.

How would you describe the services Nolocade offers?

Our services are best described as tailor-made and custom-fit. The top-level areas we focus on are Advertising, Marketing, Technology, and Crisis Management.

Our Marketing services focus on all online aspects of a brand. We bring new ideas to life or revitalize existing ones. We have expertise in competitive analysis, social media management, community building, brand awareness campaigns; you name it.

Our Advertising services go hand in hand with our Marketing, allowing us to make that critical first touchpoint a great experience. We have decades of experience managing campaigns, building goal-based funnels, and expanding user bases by leveraging modern traffic channels.

Our Technology solutions are a cornerstone of what we offer. We believe our clients' time is best spent focusing on the growth of their business. We are highly skilled in web and application development, software integrations and cloud-based infrastructure. We provide development, implementation, and recommendations to keep focus where it should be.

We also offer highly specialized Crisis Management consulting to clients that are hit with unexpected business catastrophes. We’ve survived and fought back against adversity in the marketing and advertising world. Everything from losing key monetization partners to email deliverability problems, we know how to build strategy to pivot quickly and effectively.

What makes Nolocade unique from a typical digital agency?

We take the approach that every client’s needs are unique and the key to a successful relationship is transparent communication. We don’t jump to offer cookie-cutter solutions just because they are easy; we spend real time understanding our client’s business, market, competition, and find the right solution. We don’t sell clients services they don’t need and we’re quick to indentify when Nolocade isn’t the right fit.

How do you approach relationships with prospective clients?

We believe every prospective client or project deserves the direct attention of our managing partners. We find it critical to the success of every new relationship that both sides are open and transparent about needs, goals, and concerns from day one.

From a client’s perspective, what is it like working with Nolocade?

Working with Nolocade means working with a team that is driven by the success of your business. We are an innovative group and we love to use brainstorming sessions to uncover new and interesting approaches that could elevate your project to the next level. We reciprocate your own passion and creativity; the more engaged you are, the more engaged we become.

Describe your background in a nutshell.

I’ve been passionate about technology and computers since childhood. Growing up I taught myself QBASIC, Visual Basic, C, HTML, and CSS. I graduated from college with a degree in video game design and development.

In my early career I started a company that consulted, trained, and developed for clients wanting to leverage Reverse Engineering, Assembly (x86/x64), and custom-built C/C++ Tools to increase revenue and optimize their operations.

This led me overseas to Asia where I spent about 8 years in Hong Kong and the Philippines working with a core group of partners. During this time I was the Chief of Technology for a very popular online gaming community, built an internet security and VPN company, built out a successful BPO company, and eventually helped build a global internet marketing company.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I enjoy spending time with my family traveling to new and exciting places. I also enjoy working on pet projects that give me the opportunity to learn new skills or technologies.

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About Nolocade: Nolocade Consulting is a boutique firm that specializes in online advertising, holistic marketing, technology and business-critical crisis management. More than just consulting, Nolocade leverages both internal and external resources to bring many of its recommended services to life. Serving as true one-stop-shop, Nolocade aspires to become a trusted partner and true extension of their client’s business.