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Meet Your Consultant: Sev Baghoumian

Sev Baghoumian has been driving success in the high-volume affiliate marketing world for over a decade. His CV is highlighted with top-tier networks, esteemed advertisers and network start-ups he helped grow from infancy. We sat down with Sev to gain more insight into his background and the consultancy services he delivers for Nolocade. 

Q. How would you describe affiliate marketing to someone that is unfamiliar with it?

A. Affiliate marketing is a great way to get your product or service out in front of potentially millions of consumers without the risk of pay-per-click platforms like Google Ads. The concept itself is relatively straight forward. An affiliate, or publisher, will drive traffic to your website or app and get paid only when the user performs an action. That action can be a sign-up, a download, a sale. The key detail is that the advertiser, meaning the brand or service provider, only pays when they receive something of value, hence the term performance marketing. As an affiliate, you get paid when you perform. That’s quite different from running paid traffic on Google or Facebook without any guarantee of ROI. It also means its essential to keep good affiliates invested in your program.

Q. How did you get started in the affiliate marketing industry?

A. I went straight to work in the industry right out of college at the age of 23. I was more focused on the email marketing side of the business and really enjoyed it, but ended up falling in love with the dynamics that are inherent in affiliate program management. Many of the people that I started with in this business are now considered the industry leaders and veterans and we still work together regularly when building new programs to success.  

Q. What would you consider as your key highlights / achievements in the industry?

A. For me, nothing feels as good as helping a company grow their affiliate program from the beginning, crafting the strategy and guiding them to success. Or taking an existing program that may not be firing on all cylinders and changing its fate. I have been fortunate to have opportunities like this many times in my career with clients from a wide range of verticals and industries. Seeing those results and knowing your hard work is a contributing factor is an amazing feeling. I love providing that service for Nolocade’s clients and demonstrating the power of an effective affiliate marketing program. It doesn’t get old and is never boring.

Q. What are some of the factors that go into creating a successful affiliate program?

A. There are so many key components. Knowing how to package your product or services as an offering on the affiliate market can be a determining factor at launch. Selecting the right network and technology partners and recruiting and retaining top caliber affiliates is vital. Once operating, so much of it comes down to analytics and reporting, and always monitoring the quality of traffic in granular ways. Understanding where quality traffic is coming from and nurturing it is crucial for scaling the program. And of course you can’t forget optimized landing pages and stellar media to capture consumer attention and keep affiliates interested. There really are a substantial number of factors to consider and that’s why many programs that lack expertise in this arena fail.

Q. How would you describe Nolocade’s Affiliate Marketing Management services? How is Nolocade unique?

A. With Nolocade you really do get an affiliate marketing dream team. Not only do you get my background, expertise and industry connections, the entire management team has deep experience in the affiliate world. This team has managed well over $150M of affiliate traffic revenue in their careers and it’s still growing every day. On top of that, Nolocade has the resources that go hand-in-hand with affiliate management success. Design, technology and reporting matched with creativity, ingenuity and experience. We also operate and have expert consultants in all other forms of digital advertising. I love this because we collectively work together to build out cross-channel advertising management solutions that deliver incredible value.

Q. Where do you see the future of affiliate marketing going?

A. When I first got into the industry affiliates drove traffic via email and display almost entirely. You also had very few data points due to limited technology, a lot of fraud, it was certainly more akin to the wild west. As time has gone by, many of the same kinds of virtues from other traffic channels have become primary; quality, relevancy, and the ability to scale. The best marketers also now have a multitude of data points on their consumers that must be taken advantage of. Traffic channels have grown from email and display to include social media, native, push, SMS, and influencer marketing. I think the future for affiliate marketing is bright and always growing. The cost-per-action model works and creates a dynamic where all parties can win.

Q. Tell us more about yourself, where you grew up, your interests, hobbies?

A. My wife Paula and I, along with our two sons Benjamin and Cameron, live in the Los Angeles area. We have both spent pretty much our entire lives in this area and really enjoy being close to so many family and friends. Outside of work and family, I’m a huge soccer fan and also follow basketball and hockey. Being able to travel has become more a priority for us and we are excited to knock off a couple places per year that we really want to visit.

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